Future Tech to Keep an Eye On

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It may seem that future technology is already here, but there is plenty more on the horizon. Future tech is an exciting topic to look at. We often wonder what’s next for us that will make life more fun or even easy.
Recently, there has been a lot of talk about futuristic technology being available to us in the near future. Some of these are merely months away and others have a considerably longer waiting list. Here are a few examples of future tech to keep an eye to stay ahead of the tech rush that will be occurring all through this year and next.

Xbox One

The next generation of consoles is upon on us and nothing has featured more in technology news than the Xbox One, whether it was the fairly unpopular decision to make the console need an internet connection every 24 hours, or the even more recent news that Microsoft has scrapped both that idea along with other unpopular ideas, this console has either been loved or hated by the technology news sector for months.

With improved Kinect features the console will react better to voice commands and physical commands than the current Kinect.

This piece of future technology is now just around the corner and the world is eagerly waiting to see how well it will perform in houses worldwide.

PlayStation 4
Sony’s answer to the Xbox One has received the praise that the Xbox One didn’t. Tech news has been painting the Playstaion 4 as the ‘good guy’ of the next gen consoles.

Not only does this console not want to restrict gamers, it also boasts a smaller price tag than the Xbox One. Include these features with the improved graphics and that’ll be more than enough future tech for Sony lovers worldwide.

When the dust of the console wars eventually settled, tech writers worldwide will be expecting the Playstation 4 to emerge victorious.

Google Glass

This piece of future tech is truly one that people have dreamt about for years. The theory with Google Glass is that some of the features will allow you to get real time social media updates, texts, google maps and navigate via GPS whilst also being able to take pictures, from your glasses.
This future technology is currently only available to a handful of developers. Not only is this kind of tech every persons dream, it’s also entirely possible that it will still be awesome after you’ve stopped pretending that you’re a world class spy. Just be sure not to sit on these glasses!

Oculus Rift

Virtual reality gaming seemed like a dream not too long ago, but now we are getting closer and closer to the reality with the Oculus Rift. This headset is definitely history defining, turning your head would allow you to view the world in glorious full HD making you feel fully immersed in your gaming experience.

The Oculus Rift showed off its future tech at this year’s E3 making all the tech news headlines and stunning onlookers. The Oculus Rift is surely the right step into a revolutionary generation of gaming.

Make sure to follow these awe inspiring pieces of future technology in the next few weeks, months and throughout the year to keep up to date with the greatest and latest breakthroughs in technology.