Tips for Xbox 360 Maintenance

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An Xbox 360 is a great gaming console of entertainment, but it is also a pricey electronic device. The following maintenance tips let you run your Xbox 360 error-free in no time. Maintaining Xbox 360 may be troublesome at first, but if you follow through with, you will benefit a lot from it.

First, Placed Position

Place the Xbox 360 in an open area. Keep Xbox 360 console flat, because air vents on one side would be blocked and game discs always get scratched if Xbox 360 stands in the upright position. Put 4 supporting feet (or the cooling fan for laptop) under the Xbox 360 console to help cooling.

Second, Heat Dissipation

To avoid the three red lights issue, we suggest that stay for 5 minutes after Xbox 360 is opened, because Xbox 360 will produce high heat once running the game. The first 5 minutes is to preheat the Xbox 360 main board to avoid sealing-off in GPU caused by the temperature range between Xbox 360 GPU and main board. Similarly, it’s better to stay for 3-5 minutes before we switch off the Xbox 360 after quitting the game.
Apart from that, installing games in the hard drive doesn’t help cooling, while the heat from optical drive can be totally ignored; most of the heat comes from Xbox 360 GPU and CPU.

Third, Dust Prevention

Dust is the other factor apart from heat that can damage an Xbox 360. A certain amount of dust can affect the cooling effect of Xbox 360 and cause short circuit of internal components. Pay attention to dust prevention, especially the cooling vents in the two sides which usually need cleaned to avoid blocking. In this case, some cotton buds may be necessary for cleaning out the vents. Besides, it’s also very important to keep Xbox 360 away from dusty area like the window or door that is regularly open. 10 minutes after Xbox 360 is power off, cover Xbox 360 by a newspaper or dust cover.

Forth, take breaks after playing a game for 3-4 hours, which is exhausted for both gamers and the Xbox 360. The fact proves that the longer gamers play, the more often the three red lights appear.

Fifth, don’t pull out the video cable when the power of Xbox 360 is on, or it will cause great harm to Xbox 360, which may break the interior components in the main board of Xbox 360 (especially in the condition when the Xbox 360 is not opened yet while the TV is on, which may generate the electrostatic induction that can be as high as tens of thousands volt. You may be electrified when you touch Xbox 360 casing caused by electrostatic induction). Although the probability is low, you have to take care.

In order to keep your Xbox 360 running smoothly, you might need to employ a few basic maintenance techniques as above tips. Good maintenances help your Xbox 360 in a good condition and hopefully keep it running for years.