Xbox 360 Controller Troubleshooting

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There can be nothing more frustrating than having your Xbox 360 controllers stop working. If you find your Xbox 360 controller is at fault, you’d better try fixing it before calling Microsoft for repairs or run to the store for a refund. Though some issues do require repair or replacement, many problems are easily fixed within a few minutes. Follow this troubleshooting guide, and then you’ll have your Xbox 360 controller working again in no time at all.


1. The Xbox 360 wireless controller can’t connect or stay a steady connection to the Xbox 360 console;

2. Four green lights flash Longer than 15 Seconds When Connecting;

3. Error message: Please reconnect controller.


1. Most of the time, it is caused by an issue of not having enough internal battery power to communicate with the Xbox 360 console;

2. Interference from other wireless devices;

3. Metallic objects are near by the Xbox 360 controller;

4. The distance between the Xbox 360 controller and Xbox 360 console is too far.


Ⅰ. Check the Batteries

Xbox 360 controllers are well known for their battery issues. While the batteries of Xbox 360 controller might not be as bad as the Wii’s when it comes to draining power, they still require frequent changes.

1. Turn off your Xbox 360 console, wait a few minutes, and turn it on again by pressing the center button on the Xbox 360 controller. Pay attention to the ring of light around the center button; if it doesn’t blink when you turn on the Xbox 360 console, you may need fresh batteries or to reconnect your controller.

2. Replace the batteries in your wireless Xbox 360 controller by pushing the tab on the top of the controller and pulling the battery compartment out. Ensure the fresh batteries are inserted properly, and reconnect the battery compartment; it clicks back into place.

3. Re-sync your Xbox 360 controller to your console. Press the small round button next to the second memory unit port on the console. Then press the small round button on the top of the controller near the left shoulder button. Wait a minute for syncing; the ring of light around the center button will blink while this happens.

4. Recharge your controller if using a rechargeable battery pack according to their instructions. You may need to re-sync your controller after recharging.

Ⅱ. Avoid Metal

Large metallic objects can cause interference between the Xbox 360 console and the wireless controller. Position yourself at least three feet away from any large metal cabinets, tables, such as file cabinets, mirrors, and refrigerators to make sure there is no interference to the Xbox 360 controller. This also goes for any metallic decorations or stickers.

Ⅲ. Channel Interference

One of the most common problems when it comes to smooth performance is interference from other modern technologies. Cordless phones (2.4 GHz), wireless LANs, wireless video transmitters, microwave ovens, cell phones, Bluetooth headsets, and baby monitors can also cause issues to arise. Turn these off or unplug them and retry connecting to see if performance is restored.

Ⅳ.Move Closer

Make sure the front of the console is positioned in the direction of the controller. The Xbox 360 controller is designed to work from a distance of 20 feet from the console. With that kind of range, you might think you’re safely within the required diameter. Still, regardless of what the instructions might say, distance matters. If the red lights are flashing on your controller and it won’t connect, try moving 5 feet closer and see if that doesn’t solve the problem.